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The French flag at Arc De Triomphe during Bastille Day
The French flag at Arc De Triomphe during Bastille Day 


  • The Bastille’s military governor, Bernard-René de Launay, was killed and then beheaded.
  • Before the storming of Bastille, an enraged crowd broke into a military hospital and seized nearly 32,000 muskets.
  1. As revolutionary fervour rose in France, the Bastille’s military governor, Bernard-René de Launay, anticipated that the royal fortress prison would be targeted. He, therefore, requested additional support for military action against a potential attack from revolutionaries. Two days before the storming event, royal authorities sent about 250 barrels of gunpowder to the prison fortress.
  2. Protests rocked Paris’ streets on July 12, a day after King Louis XVI removed his only non-noble minister - Jacques Necker, who was reform-minded. 
  3. Agitation continued on July 14 morning, when an enraged crowd broke into a military hospital and seized nearly 32,000 muskets and a few cannons from there before marching to the Bastille prison, where hundreds of barrels of gunpowder were stored. 
  4. After the storming of the Bastille, Bernard-René de Launay, the military governor, was taken prisoner. A bloodthirsty mob managed to lift him from the escort. He was killed and decapitated; his head was put on a pike and paraded through the streets of Paris.
  5. The revolutionaries who stormed the fortress prison expected they would find many inmates in there. However, there were just seven captives, and they were freed following the storming event. 
  6. The Bastille Prison, a symbol of callous tyranny of the ancien regime, was systematically demolished in the aftermath of the storming event. 
  7. As America's ambassador to France, Thomas Jefferson was in Paris when the initial chapters of the French Revolution were opening. Jefferson supported the revolution. He donated money to the kin of revolutionaries who died in the violent storming of the Bastille. 
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