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3 Competitive 1-on-1 Basketball Drills

1-on-1 Attack - Fast Break Drill. This drill improves your ability to score out of the fast break. You work on ball handling, acceleration, speed, agility, finishing, mentality, conditioning, and much more. If you want to develop aggressive, successful players in the fast break, this is one of the best drills that you can use.

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Playing one on one . 4. Repeat, with the same defender guarding each offensive player once. 5. Rotate a new defender in and repeat. Coaching Tips. On the post denial, the defender should keep his body on the basket side, and use one hand to obstruct the entry pass; You can also practice a baseline three-quarter denial and full front in the post

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Scott Drew, Baylor University head coach, loves utilizing practice drills that improve basketball skills while keeping players competitive. You’ll learn a dr...

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X1 starts with a ball on the baseline. 1 starts at free throw line. X1 passes ball to 1. 1 must dribble around cone and attack the basket. X1 must sprint around their cone and attempt to stop 1. Vary the locations of the cones for each player to increase the level of difficulty.

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One-on-One Full Court. This drill has three stages. The boundaries are the width of the key, all the way down the court. Players start on the baseline with the offensive player out-of-bounds ...

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These are 4 of his favorite one on one drills. Diagrams created with FastDraw . Iona 1 on 1. Coach throws ahead to 1. As 1 crosses half, 2 sprints out of the circle to defend him. Whoever wins the possession (offense scores, is fouled or gets O rebound; defense gets a defensive rebound), keeps going the other way. Louisville 1 on 1

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Shot Block Drill O1 passes to X4 then cuts to the basket to receive the ball from the Coach for the layup. X4 immediately passes to O2 then follows O1 to the baseline to block O1's shot. 02 drives hard to the basket for the layup, and X4 stops the drive and blocks the shot. Note: To improve defender's help-side defense by recovering quickly.

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Improves the defenders reaction and change of direction as an offensive player makes his move Set Up Form a line underneath the basket. Player 1 is at the front of this line Player 2 stands at the three point line, at a 45 degree to the basket Execution Player 1 rolls the ball across the floor to Player 2, and sprints to the three point line to guard him Player 1 “closes out” on Player 2 ...